Check Out YPE Israel Series of spotlight events for YPE @ Noble Energy Israel

Series of spotlight events for YPE @ Noble Energy Israel (מביאים אנרגיה צעירה) ‘Young Energy Program’ Program’s purpose: Provide an opportunity for young professionals to get a glance into the O&G industry and NBL’s operations in Israel.

Who can apply: YPE Members (only)

Agenda: The program will include three sessions:

  1. 101 on the O&G industry @ NBL’s office- Participants will meet with NBL’s management and employees and will receive an overview of the industry fundamentals.
  2. Working in the O&G industry @ AOT- Participants will get a chance to be an industry worker for a day at NBL’s onshore terminal in Ashdod, learning about the operational perspectives (another option- to join a NBL employee in the office for a mentorship day).
  3. Visit to the Tamar platform- participants will receive a unique opportunity to visit an offshore producing facility. Requirements: Participants should have less than 5 years’ experience in the energy industry: Oil & Gas, Renewables, Energy Finance & Energy Start-ups/Innovation.

To apply send an email to no later than December 15, 2014 with your CV and a paragraph describing your interest in participating in this unique YPE program. Space is limited up to 10-15 participants.

***Deadline is over, soon we will announce the names of the participants***Series of spotlight events for YPE @ Noble (1)