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Welcome to the London Chapter of YPE.

The long-dormant London Chapter has been revamped in 2015 and is planning an exciting calendar of activity with conferences, networking events and field trips. Join us!

If you want to learn more, contact individual YPE Board members or drop us a message @ london@ypenergy.org.

Andrea Bonzanni

Board Member

Andrea works as a Regulatory Advisor for EDF Trading, the trading arm ...


Maria Popova

Board Member

Maria is Regulatory and Policy Consultant with over seven years of experience in ...


Quentin Philippe

Board Member

Quentin works as an investment associate in energy at Actis – a ...


Suraj Govind

Board Member

Suraj works as a Supply Chain Management Specialist for Subsea 7, a ...

Marina Petroleka

Board Member

Marina is Head of Energy & Infrastructure Research at BMIResearch. Her role involves ...


Georgios Kalpias

Board Member

Georgios works as an Investment Analyst for EDF Energy in Nuclear New ...


Nevena Todorova

Board Member

Nevena works as a Lead Solutions Specialist for Openlink Financial, a global ...

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