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YPE New Orleans Leadership

James Yockey

Board Member

James Yockey is President of Oseberg, which he joined in 2012. James ...


Tom Ambrose

Chapter Director

Tom is a Vice President at NGP Energy Technology Partners (“NGP ETP”) ...

tambrose@ngpetp.com (504) 227-3028

Elaina Fischer

Board Member

Elaina is the Business Development Consultant for Chemical & Refining Inudstries at ...

elaina.fischer@swiftwwr.com 504-684-1280

Beau Babst

Board Member

Beau Babst is a Product Manager at Oseberg – an oil and ...

beau@oseberg.io 504-432-8202

Matt Guidry

Board Member

Matt is a Senior Engineer at Royal Dutch Shell where he is ...

Taylor Harkness

Board Member

Taylor joined IBERIA Capital Partners (“ICP”), an energy boutique investment bank, as ...

taylor.harkness@iberiabank.com (504) 310-3090