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The latest addition to the YPE network, San Diego is a center for innovation and industry-wide transformation.

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YPE SD organizes educational, networking, and community events to promote innovative energy solutions and sustainability initiatives in the San Diego area.

Christa Lim

Board Member, Founding Member

Regulatory Attorney at San Diego Gas & Electric Company HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA EDUCATION: B.S. Environmental ...

Alex Quinn

Board Member, Founding Member

Program Manager at Solar Turbines HOMETOWN: Fair Oaks, CA EDUCATION: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, ...

Alice Vorotchaeva

Board Member, Founding Member

Contract Manager at EDF Renewable Energy HOMETOWN: Moscow, Russia EDUCATION: MBA, Executive Management, San ...

Ryan Donnelly

Board Member, Founding Member

Manager, Portfolio Strategy, EDF Renewable Energy HOMETOWN: Moraga, CA EDUCATION: BA, English, UC Berkeley; MBA, Finance, ...

Kyle Lauter

Board Member, Founding Member

Program Manager at EDF RE HOMETOWN: Reading, Pennsylvania EDUCATION: BS Energy, Business & Finance; ...

Niki De Leon

Board Member, Founding Member

Distributed Generation Program Manager at EVgo HOMETOWN: Dover, DE EDUCATION: BS, Energy Engineering, University of Delaware ...

Thomas de Fresart

Board Member, Founding Member

Manager, Distributed Electricity & Storage at EDF Renewable Energy HOMETOWN: Tempe, AZ EDUCATION: B.S. Finance and ...

Michael Wang

Board Member, Founding Member

Michael Wang is the Managing Corporate Counsel at General Energy Solutions USA Inc. ...

Michael Robinson

Board Member, Founding Member

Business Development Manager, Distributed Electricity & Storage, EDF Renewable Energy HOMETOWN: Bedford, NY EDUCATION: B.A. Marketing, ...

Katie Cafouros

Board Member, Founding Member

Manager, O&M Customer Account Services at EDF Renewable Services HOMETOWN: Indianapolis, IN EDUCATION: B.S Environmental Science, ...

Tyler Petersen

Board Member, Founding Member

Senior Manager, Business Development at the Center for Sustainable Energy HOMETOWN: Denver, CO EDUCATION: B.A. Psychology, ...

Joe Kaatz

Board Member

Staff Attorney at the Energy Policy Initiatives Center HOMETOWN: Dillon, CO EDUCATION: B.A. in History, Pepperdine ...

Ravi Navamani

Board Member

Contracts Administrator at Sempra Infrastructure HOMETOWN: Lancaster, CA EDUCATION: B.S. in Management Science, University of California, ...