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Please join YPE Vancouver at our next networking event on April 5th, 2018 at Central City Brew Pub (Surrey)!

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Welcome to YPE Vancouver, a city that proudly utilizes all energy sources to provide a high quality of living for its citizens!

YPE would like to invite those employed, looking to be employed or curious about our provinces energy resources to join us for networking, educational and philanthropic events geared towards furthering energy education across the province. Be it bio fuels to natural gas to hydro, we, and these sources of energy, are all part of our living, breathing economy.

Let us learn to respect all of BC’s energy resources, and work with each other in understanding how we bridge our current energy demands to future energy demands, doing so in a environmentally and fiscally respectful and responsible way.

YPE Vancouver Board

Joanna M. Shea

Director sheamaire@gmail.com 604-240-6438

Danielle Gillianders

Director danielle.gillianders@fortisbc.com

Tanya Gutmanis


Tanya is a principled, motivated, and passionate young leader with experiences spanning ...


Sanjeet Sanghera


Sanjeet is a licensed Professional Engineer working for BC Hydro. He is ...


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