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Alla Lipsky


Alla Lipsky has been director of DC chapter of Young Professionals in ...

Ken-Ichi Hino

Board Member

Ken-Ichi Hino is a senior associate with Enovation Partners, a strategy consulting ...

Adam Fischer

Board Member

Adam Fischer is a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he ...

Navneet Buttar

Board Member

Navneet Buttar served five years in the energy industry with the Electric ...

Chirag Patel

Board Member

Chirag Patel is currently the ERM analyst at the AES Corporation, primarily ...

Clare Magee

Board Member

Clare Magee has worked in the energy sector since 2008. Clare is ...

Jeff Riles

Board Member

Jeff Riles is the Manager of Regulatory Affairs at Enel Green Power ...

Michael McHugh

Board Member

Michael McHugh is a sales manager with SunEdison, a leader in renewable ...

Caitlin Gross

Board Member

Caitlin Gross has worked in the energy industry since 2009 and currently ...

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