Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick Reinforces Oil Industry’s Future at YPE Midland

Texas Insider Report: MIDLAND, Texas – Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddock continues to emphasize the importance of next generation innovators and entrepreneurs for the Texas oil & gas industry. Speaking to the Midland Chapter of Young Professionals in Energy (YPE)last night at the Midland Petroleum Club, Craddick told the group they will be key in launching the industry’s next big growth cycle in Texas.

The Permian Basin-based group represents technically skilled young professionals working to develop and advance the industry’s workforce.

“For those of you who are worried about the industry today, I want to emphasize Texas oil and gas is a resilient industry, and Texas is a resilient state,” Craddick said.

“The recent shale revolution in Texas was the result of incredible innovation and perseverance from the industry itself. And, you too will contribute greatly to the next chapter in our storied history of energy production through new ideas, new technologies and old fashioned hard work that will move the industry and our state forward.

“We have seen ebbs and flows in energy production over the last couple decades, but Texas remains an oil and gas state with more than 100 years of experience,” Craddick said.

“The industry supports more than one-third of our state’s overall economy and is, without any doubt, here to stay. You are in the right place to learn from those who are the very best at enduring through the industry’s cycles, many of whom are still producing energy successfully in the Permian Basin today.”