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Stay tuned for details of our upcoming June Happy Hour!

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Based in the heart of Brazos Valley, YPE College Station is a young but expanding chapter made up of prospective and current energy professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds within the industry. Our efforts are aimed at developing today’s talent into tomorrow’s leaders.

YPE CS actively seeks to broaden our member base and establish lasting relationships with a multitude of organizations and individuals in the area as well as throughout the world. Our contact information is provided in the Leadership section below to learn more about the organization or to discuss future networking opportunities.

Morgan McGlothlin


Morgan McGlothlin joined Forza Resources, Inc. in 2012 and currently heads the ...


Sarah Turner

Social Chair/Student Relations

Sarah is a current student at Texas A&M University, finishing her degree ...


Jared L. Clarke

Board Member - At Large

Jared Clarke is a founding partner and operating manager of Forza Resources, ...