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Oct 2, 2012 12:48 PM  CST  

[firstname], YPE Pittsburgh - Upcoming Crew Changes! 

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Hello [firstname],

Crew Change in Bridgeville:
Please join National Oilwell Varco (NOV), and YPE Pittsburgh at The Pittsburgh Bottleshop in Bridgeville, PA, for our 1st Wednesday of the month Crew Change!  If you are in the energy sector and work or live north of the city, this is your premier networking opportunity.  Remember that YPE Pittsburgh Crew Changes are for all ages and experience levels and are a great time to go out with your mentors and friends and get to know each other better.
Please register for the event at: http://www.ypenergy.org/en/cev/?1266
Other Crew Changes This Month:
2nd Wednesday of the Month
    Jumper's Junction - Washington, PA
    Sponsored by TBA
    Please register at: http://www.ypenergy.org/en/cev/1268  
3rd Wednesday of the Month
     Primanti Brothers - Cranberry Twp, PA
     Sponsored by: Appalachian Well Services and Crescent Directional
     Please register at: http://www.ypenergy.org/en/cev/1267
4th Wednesday of the Month
     Olive or Twist - Downtown
     Sponsored by TBA
     Please register at: http://www.ypenergy.org/en/cev/1287
Major Sponsorship Opportunity:
YPE Pittsburgh is engaged in a complete redesign of its website.  By sponsoring this redesign, your company has the option to be visible on our website for the next year.  The site is visited by 1,500 energy professionals a month and is the focal point for our organization.  Cost of this sponsorship is $5,000 and includes your logo displayed on each page and a click through to a website or e-mail of your choice.  Once, this sponsorship is gone it will not be available until next year.  If your company is interested, please e-mail josh.hickman@ypenergy.org.
Website and Twitter Account

Twitter: @YPE_JoshHickman


Preferred Caterer and Event Planner:
YPE Pittsburgh is pleased to announce that Amelia's Elegant Catering is now our preferred caterer and event planner.  If you've enjoyed our quarterly events, Amelia's has made them possible and can make your event elegant also!  Please visit their website for information on what she offers and how to contact them!  www.ameliascatering.com

YPE Pittsburgh Mission:

YPE Pittsburgh engages all participants in the region’s energy sector in order to build a brighter future for our chosen professions and the communities that we live in.

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