CSI Recruiting - Focused on E&P; Technical Recruiting for 10 Years

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CSI Recruiting - Staffing Professionals for the E&P; Industry Since 2000, CSI Recruiting has focused exclusively on staffing for E&P; companies, sourcing talent in petroleum engineering, geology, geophysics and petroleum land. CSI Recruiting maintains its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, and has branch offices in the Dallas / Fort Worth market as well as representatives in Houston.
Founded in 2001, CSI Recruiting is a professional search and recruiting organization, focused on providing the Upstream Oil & Gas industry with thoroughly screened, technically sound candidates. CSI Recruiting is experienced in supporting engineering, drilling, and exploration firms from small, regionalized companies, to working alongside companies with worldwide exploration and production efforts.
Since inception of the company, we have focused on recruiting experienced professionals in the following technical disciplines:
  • Operations / Production Engineers
  • Exploration / Development Geologists
  • Drilling / Completions Engineers
  • Interpretation Geophysicists
  • Reservoir / Business Dev. Engineers
  • Geological / Geophysical Techs
  • Landmen / Land Techs
  • Production / Drilling / Reservoir Techs
  • Management Personnel: Exploration, Exploitation, Engineering
  • Financial Analysis Professionals
  • Well-Site Geologists
  • Safety, Health and Environmental
  • Unconventional Experts
  • Facilities / Pipeline Engineers
  • Fracturing / Stimulation Engineers
  • Asset Managers / District Managers

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
Jeff Bush
1905 Sherman Street #200      
Denver, CO  80203
(303) 996-0400  
Source: Website: www.csirecruiting.com
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