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Consultant - Power Advisory LLC 

Posted on Monday, Mar 17 2014 0:00 AM

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Power Advisory LLC Job Description - Consultant (March 2014)


Power Advisory LLC is seeking Consultants to join our consulting team in Boston and Toronto.  Consideration will be given to more senior candidates as appropriate regarding job description and compensation.


About Power Advisory LLC


With offices in Boston and Toronto, Power Advisory LLC is a leading North American management consulting firm that focuses in energy sector matters and solutions.

Power Advisory specializes in electricity market analysis and strategy, power procurement, policy development, regulatory and litigation support, market design and project feasibility assessment.

Our consulting support offers clients strategic and tactical insights that provide competitive advantage. Our advice is based on an understanding of fundamental economic drivers as shaped by market structures, regulatory frameworks and market behavior.

Our consulting services are provided by seasoned professionals, offering a wide breadth and significant depth of industry knowledge with a concentration in, but not limited to, Ontario, the Maritimes, Alberta and the U.S. Northeast electricity markets. 


Required Capabilities


Three general required capabilities:

• Research capabilities regarding electricity wholesale markets including proposed changes to market design and market rules, generation and other resource (e.g., demand-response, storage, etc.) procurement initiatives, power system planning initiatives, regulatory initiatives and regulatory proceedings

• Quantitative capabilities regarding financial models for generation projects, forecast models for electricity demand, and forecast models for electricity prices and costs to customers

• Writing capabilities for research notes, papers, client memos and client reports


Key Responsibilities


• Conduct research and prepare reports/studies to monitor developments and trends in electricity and other energy markets

• Maintain up-to-date knowledge of developments in electricity markets, including wholesale market activities and proposed changes, procurement contracting activities and procurement processes, regulatory activities

• Peruse academic, technical and financial reports, studies, books, journals, etc. dealing with various aspects of energy markets, keeping abreast of technological developments and best practices in the energy sector as they apply to electricity markets

• Participate in projects related to wholesale market development initiatives, procurement contracting initiatives, and regulatory initiatives

• Review policy and regulatory decisions to determine possible implications for target electricity markets

• Work collaboratively with other members of Power Advisory LLC to effectively implement the goals of the team and consulting assignments

• Perform other duties/tasks that may be required/assigned




• Requires academic training in business, commerce, engineering, and/or economics at a level to understand and apply the technical/economic, legislative parameters governing energy sectors and applicable policies

• Excellent command of English , both written and oral, in order to communicate effectively with all contacts involved in accomplishing the work objectives (e.g., reports, presentations, etc.)

• This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the successful completion of a 4 year university degree, or equivalent (a graduate degree of a quantitative discipline is preferred)

• Requires an understanding of energy policies and regulations, and how energy markets are organized, structured and function

• Requires a commercial understanding of how infrastructure investments are made (e.g., power generation) and applicable commercial arrangements (e.g., procurement contracts)

• Requires a background that allows for broad thinking and high analytical and reasoning skills

• Demonstrated experience in the review of vast amounts of data and information, breaking it down, prioritizing and synthesizing several related trends to determine relevant impacts to energy sectors and energy market participants

• Experience in building relationships, strong interpersonal skills

• Project management skills to effectively complete work objectives/projects on time and within budget

• Strong presentation skills

• A minimum period of 3+ years is considered necessary


Core Competencies


• Excellent research skills

• Excellent analytical and quantitative skills

• Excellent communication (written and oral) skills

• Strong interpersonal skills

• Ability to work with minimal supervision

• Ability to work in a team environment

• Ability to work in a virtual environment

• Deadline oriented individual

• Multi-tasking

• Organizational skills

• Demonstrates leadership qualities

• Strong commitment to company objectives




Please email CVs directly to Jason Chee-Aloy, Managing Director, Power Advisory LLC, at jchee-aloy@poweradvisoryllc.com.  Only viable candidates will be contacted.



Position Type:Full Time
Travel Required:0% of the time (approximate)
Starts On:May 1, 2014

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