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Division Order Analyst (II, III & IV) 

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 3 2014 0:00 AM
Categories - Land

Job Information

The Division Order Analyst, under supervision, is responsible for processing transfers of interest between third parties based on title documents, as well as handling owner inquiries and discrepancies. Review and analyze title documents (deeds, assignments, probates, title opinions, affidavits). Process ownership changes and prepare accounting (Revenue & JIB) transfer exhibits. Review signed D.O’s authorizing payment or suspense of revenue pending further documentation. Researches owner suspense to determine what action is needed to place owners in pay or deem them unlocatable. Liaise with interest owners, attorneys, partners, other companies - Responds to owner inquiries (email, written, phone); research and resolution of ownership issues and interest discrepancies. Investigates revenue suspense (and escheat); interface with Revenue & JIB Accounting, and Owner Relations Group. Maintain log of ownership transfers and “Special Projects.” Assist in preparation of Division Orders and burden spreadsheets (includes analysis of agreements, poolings, AMI’s, etc.). Perform calculations of owner interest and review title curative. Review and analyze agreements, opinions, plats, leases, contracts, poolings, etc. Determine and calculate leasehold and unit interests. Prepare burden spreadsheets, analyze title requirements, resolve decimal discrepancies, and cure title defects. Liaise with owners, partners, attorneys, and purchasers in obtaining or providing data and/or explanations Assist in DOI preparation and problem resolution. Creates routine payout DOIs after payout notification has been received. Reviews foreign owners to determine what action is needed in the N&A to comply with IRS reporting and initiates back-up withholding as needed. Maintains and audits the Solicitation B & P notices that are generated by Tax and requests the necessary N&A maintenance needed to comply with the penalty notices. Assists in the preparation of preliminary DOIs, which includes reviewing leases with early pay provisions to ensure owners are included in the preliminary DOI to comply with the lease. Penalties of non-compliance can range from interest on late payment to lease termination. Prepares deal sheets and performs calculations of interests for all owners. Reviews title opinions and interprets agreements, poolings, title documents, etc. Prepares divisions of interests reflecting ownership of all operated wells. Prepares spreadsheets reflecting each working interest owner’s share of overriding royalties and excess royalties. Researches and resolves owner and decimal discrepancies. Interacts with owners, landmen and attorneys.
Position Type:Full Time
Position Reports To:Land Administration
Travel Required:0% of the time (approximate)
Starts On:Dec 3, 2014

Job Requirements

Required Education: Bachelor's degree Required Experience Level I - At least 1 year of relevant work experience Level II - At least 2 years of relevant work experience Level III - At least 5 years of relevant work experience Level IV - At least 8 years of relevant work experience
Education Required:Bachelor's degree

How to Apply

To apply, please log on to chk.com/careers. Once on the site, click “search our jobs” on the left side of the screen. You will then search “Division Order Analyst” in the search field. Multiple levels are available.

Company Information

Chesapeake Energy
6100 N. Western
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

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