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Export User Resume as a vCard

The link below is the file you requested. Note that not all of the data for all userresumes will fit in the vCard format. To help with this issue, there is a convenient link back to this specific userresume listing in the note field of the vCard in case you discover something missing.

When you open the file, either directly from the link below or from a drive on your computer, it will open up the application you have associated with vCards. For most corporate users it is probably Microsoft Outlook or ACT!, but given it is an open standard it could be any number of programs.

Your vCard export of this User Resume Listing is ready. Click here to download / open your file.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a vCard?

It is a text only open standard file format to transfer data between different applications. It is used extensively in EDI and with products like Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Why the really long file name?

Because we try to err on the side of caution and obfuscating the name helps somewhat when it comes to security. Feel free to rename it if you save the file down.

Not all of the data I was expecting came over. Why?

Security may prevent all fields from exporting. This is for everyone's safety. Contact your administrator if you are missing a tag you suspect is needed. Thanks for understanding.

Can I do a batch export?

This question usually is a translation of "How can I export a large set of users at one time?", which is also a good question. Please contact your site administrator for large exports.