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Houston City Guide

Working in the energy industry means either living in or traveling to Houston from time to time. YPE would like to share its Houston knowledge for those of you new to the city or planning to visit soon. We hope this list gets you excited about your next trip!  This is list is intended to provide an insider's perspective on what you actually may want to do when you get here. Please note that this list was compiled independently and can change based on your input. We want to hear about the next hidden gem in this great city, so please leave your feedback below!

Golf Courses Close By

Inaugural YPE Charity Golf Tournament (October 2007)

Car Wash     

  • Splash - the basic wash is adequate and affordable


Passing the Time While Downtown      

  • 60th Floor Observation Deck at Chase Tower - free, just walk in


Houston Kick-Off Happy Hour - February 2006
Paula Canlas (JP Morgan), Chris Musgrove (KBR), Lindsay Wilgers (Burlington Resources),
MJ Rahman (KBR)

Chips & Queso

Bars - Watching the Game     

Houston Happy Hour (September 2006)
Castlen Moore (Apache), Hadley McClellan (Hart Publishing), Lauren Pettit (UBS)

Beers Outside on a nice day     

Bars - Long standing favorites in Rice Village

Houston Reception at Daily Grill (September 2007)

Watering Hole for Married Folks in Briargrove 

Charming dinner spots to bring a date   

Casual place to meet a date for a drink 

  • Byzantio - a little Greek spot with great atmosphere
  • Mi Luna - Tapas Bar with great atmosphere

Bars - To Take Your Date After a Nice Dinner

Bars - Fratty, Laid Back & North Face friendly

  • Volcano - signature drink is the frozen screwdriver
  • Lizzard's Pub - you won't meet anyone who dislikes this place
  • Armadillo Palace - epitome of frat
  • Komodo's - everyone seems to stop-in at some point in the night
  • LZ Pub - it's hard to out-laidback this place

Bars - British Ambience         

  • Red Lion Pub - get your Shepherd's Pie and Boddingtons here

Houston Holiday Reception at Firkin & Phoenix (December 2007)
James Wallis (Limerock Partners), Ben Love (King & Spalding)
Matt Fleming (Kinder Morgan)

Bars - Canadian Ambience

Bars - Pub Grub & Live Music

  • Rudyard's - dive with arguably the most loyal clientele in Houston

Bars -The Official Corporate Happy Hour on Thursdays

  • Taco Milagro - no reports on quality, just quantity (of people)

Houston Happy Hour (April 2007)
Justin Singer (SMBology), Kristy Armstrong (Lehman Brothers), Mike Cox (Schlumberger), Chris Dorros (Zy-Tech), Chris Adams (Allegro Development)

Unlikely Singles Scene

Artistic Gem You Wouldn't Think to Look For

Gym - Fitness - Wellness         

  • FIT Athletic Club - everybody you talk to is either a member there, used to be a member there, or despises the people who go there
  • Memorial Park jogging track - most people's favorite thing about Houston

Summer Slam Volleyball Tournament (August 2007)
Team MI-Swaco led by Event Coordinator John Vian

Inland Mexican Food 

  • Hugo's - words can't describe how good the food is here


Houston Tex-Mex Institutions    

Wild Game Fine Dining


Popular Neighborhoods to Live Among YPE Members

  • Midtown - close to downtown, best nightlife area in Houston
  • Briargrove - a preference higher earning young families, nestled among Tanglewood and Memorial areas
  • The Heights - progressive minded area with Austin-esque sensibilities, very close to downtown
  • River Oaks - a house in River Oaks is pricey for YPE members, but the surrounding area has great apartment complexes and quaint neighborhoods

Fancy Neighborhoods in Houston        

Reliable Music Venues in Houston       

Stand-up Comedy      

  • Laff Stop - the best acts in comedy come through here. Open mic Monday's (no cover charge) are always entertaining

Nightclubs - Friday and Saturday nights looking for a crowd

Houston Social Mixer (May 2006)
Brian Niemczak (UBS), Mark Burroughs (EnCap Investments)

Popular Hotel Bars      

  • Hotel Derek
  • Hotel ZaZa - you won't be upset you came, not as pretentious as you would think
  • The Remington at St. Regis - lots of scotch consumed here
  • Hilton Hotel Americas - surprisingly a good spot for celebrity sightings

Clubs to join for well-to-do YPE members       

Biggest Annual Event in Town  

Old School Record Shop         

  • SoundWaves - it's refreshing to see a record store still in business

Houston Fine Dining Institutions           

  • Café Annie - technically "Southwestern" but you'll find all your white table cloth favorites here
  • Brennan's - like you're in the French Quarter
  • Damian's - Italian done right

Cajun Food     

Country Western Dancing        

  • Wild West - drink specials and boot scootin'
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