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YPE Israel – Exclusive Renewable Energy Field Trip to the Arava Region – 1.6.2014

On 1.5.2014 the Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) - Israel Chapter hosted an exclusive full-day field trip and tour of Renewable Energy projects in the Arava Region. Aim of the trip was to see how the most southern tip of Israel has become one of the world's leading renewable energy hubs with over 80% of its electricity consumption produced from renewable energy sources. This unique field trip covered visits to an unprecedented range of renewable energy facilities such as a 7 MW solar photovoltaic site, the first wind turbines in Israel, a thermo solar site, sun tower tulip, biogas field, experimental technologies test fields, a green energy storage solution, and a visit to the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and finally an informal meeting with Capital Nature (VC fund) CEO.

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