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The Kansas City Chapter of Young Professionals in Energy was established in 2020 and has the following goals:

Act as a positive catalytic force in uniting the young energy leaders of today, with a particular emphasis on those leaders located in the KC Metro Area

Prepare our Members to be the best leaders in their communities and for the global energy industry

Enrich our Member’s lifelong journey of leadership, growth and significance through education, networking and collaboration

Foster an environment where members can learn from each other’s experiences, share industry knowledge and discuss career matters

If you’re interested in joining YPE KC, find us on LinkedIn and join our group here.

Grant Janssen

President gjanssen@wescodist.com

Alex Koval

Treasurer akoval@savionenergy.com

Luke Garrison

Director of Strategic Partnerships GarrisonL@bv.com

Katlyn Meggers

Director of Membership Growth and Retention knmeggers@burnsmcd.com

Regan Wilson

Director of Marketing and External Communications SchmankJP@bv.com 913-458-4568

Patrick James

Events Chair Pjames@meglio.com

Tucker Hewitt

Events Committee tucker@sarinenergy.com

Logan Green

Events Committee logan.green@kiewit.com

Cory Davis

Events Committee cldavis@burnsmcd.com

Devin Brezgiel

Events Committee brezgield@bv.com

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