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YPE Midland Leadership

Grant Sirgo

Board Director

Grant Sirgo is the Senior Drilling and Operations Engineer for Admiral Permian ...

Trey Fuqua

Fundraising Director

Trey is responsible for Land and Legal activities at Fortress Energy, a ...

Tripp Edwards


Tripp is the Business Development Manager at Wildcat Oil Tools, a fishing ...

tripp@wildcatoiltools.com 432-687-5221

Britt Owen

Philanthropy Director

  Britt Owen is a Facilities Engineer with Occidental Petroleum, a Houston-based multinational ...

britt_owen@oxy.com 432-742-5030

Josh Anderson

Communications Director

Josh Anderson is Petroleum Landman for Mewbourne Oil Company, a private exploration ...


Caroline Casey

Education Director

Caroline is a Reservoir Engineer at Viper Energy Partners. Caroline began her ...


Eric Winter


Eric is a Reservoir Engineer at Diamondback Energy. Prior to Diamondback, he ...


Amos Rodrigs

Fundraising Director

Amos is the Vice President of Land at Hannathon Petroleum, a Midland ...


Kathryn Hanson

Social Committee

Kathryn is a Land Assistant at Colgate Energy. Kathryn was born and ...


Clay Crews

Social Media Director

Clay is a Production Engineer at ConocoPhillips, a Houston-based multinational oil and ...


Lizzy Laufer

Social Commitee

Lizzy Laufer is a Landman at ConocoPhillips. Lizzy is from Austin, TX ...


William Tindol

Advisory Board Member

William Tindol is a Reservoir Engineer on the Planning and Budgeting team at Concho ...

wtindol@concho.com 432-557-8574

Adam Lawlis

Advisory Board Member

Adam Lawlis joined Diamondback Energy in 2013 and currently heads Investor Relations ...


Kelley Hall

Advisory Board Member

Kelley Wolfe is Business Development Manager at Breakwater Energy Services.  Kelley joined ...

kwolfe@breakwaterenergy.com 972-800-2196

Doug Schmidt

Advisory Board Member

Doug Schmidt is Vice-President of Land and Business Development for Piñon Resources, ...

doug.schmidt@ypenergy.org 432-686-3084

Megan Patton

Advisory Board Member

Megan is a partner at Antus & Patton LLP.  Megan’s practice consists ...

mpatton@antuspatton.com 432-242-0470

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