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Libby Nelson


Libby currently serves as the Process Engineering Section Manger at Worley (formerly Jacobs ...

Peter Kelly


Peter currently serves as an analyst for Empire Midstream, a midstream investment ...

Matt Robert


Matthieu Robért is an attorney in Fishman Haygood’s Business Section. Matt’s practice focuses ...

Lance Kohs

Education Committee Co-Chair

Lance currently serves as Knowledge Manager at Gasology, a local New Orleans ...

Katie Mitchell

Social Committee Chair

Katie is a Senior Account Executive at The Ehrhardt Group, a local ...

Annie Birkentall

Social Committee Co-Chair

Annie Birkentall currently serves as Project Manager in the Asset Management division ...

James Spalt

Development Committee Chair

Matt Schovee

Development Committee Co-Chair

Matt Schovee currently serves as Principal at Black Bay Energy Capital, an ...

Ian Konrad

Development Committee Co-Chair

Robert Miller

Membership Committee Chair

John Peter Laborde

Alumni Advisor

Currently, John Peter serves as the Director of Finance at Laborde Marine ...

Billy Hennessey

Alumni Advisor

Billy Hennessey is the Business Development Manager of Belle Chasse Marine Transportation. ...

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