Our Organization

Young Professionals in Energy (“YPE”) is a non-profit energy industry networking organization with over 10,000 members worldwide.  YPE is dedicated to providing a forum for networking and career development for professionals in the global energy industry. YPE runs a year-round calendar of events in 20 chapters around the world. Please click here to see our calendar of upcoming events.

Mission Statement

YPE aims to facilitate the advancement of young professionals in the energy industry around the world through social, educational and civic service oriented events.  The desired outcome of YPE is to foster an environment where members can learn from each other’s experiences, share industry knowledge and discuss career matters.  Please click here to see our key initiatives list. 

Vision Statement

YPE is a positive catalytic force in uniting the young energy leaders of today. YPE prepares its members to be the best leaders for their communities and for the global energy industry. 




YPE seeks involvement from a broad base of professionals working in the energy industry. Engineers, geoscientists, landmen, financial analysts, lobbyists, governments employees, accountants, attorneys, commercial and investment bankers, principal investors, consultants, and anyone else with a direct professional focus on the global energy sector are encouraged to join YPE. JOIN LOG-IN


YPE invites interested parties to participate in the networking and educational programs held in its 20 chapters worldwide. YPE also seeks to promote awareness of volunteer opportunities for its members looking to get involved in community service projects.