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Our organization is open to anyone interested in learning about and contributing to the vibrant, dynamic, and diverse energy industry in Philadelphia. We are a chapter of the national professional network Young Professionals in Energy (YPE). Moonshot ideas, passionate people, and energy nerds (of all ages) are welcome! While our chapter’s mission is to facilitate the advancement of young professionals in the energy industry, our membership is also comprised of more established professionals with desire to mentor the next generation and foster an environment where we can learn from each other’s experiences, share industry knowledge and discuss career matters.

To be successful, YPE-Philly has several committees with Board Members doubling as Committee Chairs. Each Committee also has Members, who influence decisions of the Chairs and help accomplish goals of the Committee.

  • The Development Committee will conduct outreach and maintain relationships with businesses and organizations across the Philadelphia area. The committee will recruit new members within those organizations, seek sponsors, and develop partnerships for future YPE-Philly events.
  • The Communications Committee will manage outreach with current and future members to share information regarding YPE-Philly events and news. This will include advertising events, developing strategies to reach a broader audience among industry professionals, and maintaining social media accounts.
  • The Planning Committee will oversee preparation for all YPE-Philly events. This will include developing event topics and timelines, conducting outreach and coordination with potential panelists and speakers, securing event space, and organizing other logistical elements pertaining to the events.

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Will Carpenter, PE

  • Ex officio member of all Committees
  • Learn more about Will – LinkedIn.

Natalie Tacka

Vice President
  • Ex officio member of all Committees
  • Learn more about Natalie – LinkedIn.

Rory Sweeney

  • Communications Committee Chair
  • Learn more about Rory – LinkedIn.

Mark Lazaroff

Board Member
  • Planning Committee Chair
  • Learn more about Mark – LinkedIn.

Paul Reed

Board Member
  • Development Committee Chair
  • Learn more about Paul – LinkedIn.