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YPE suggests the following books as primers on the global oil and gas industry:

Film / Video

YPE hopes you've enjoyed the following films involving the energy industry:


HBS Case Studies

YPE suggests the following Harvard Business School case studes on the global oil and gas industry:

  • MW Petroleum Corp. (1994):  This case focuses primarily on valuation, involving discounted cash flows, option pricing, and simulation techniques.

  • E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co.: The Conoco Split-off (2001):  Intendend discussion is to debate the merits of the company's proposed risky strategic shift into a new "hot" industry whose prospects are highly uncertain. 
  • BP and the Consolidation of the Oil Industry—1998-2002 (2002):  Learning objective is to analyze vertical integration, horizontal integration, economies of scale, potential limits to growth, and competition in a commodity industry.  
  • Leading Anadarko (2005):  The learning objective is to highlight the multifaceted strategic, organizational, and governance issues facing leaders of large, complex organizations.   
  • Unocal Corporation: China's Unwelcome Bid (2006):  The learning objective is to explore how scarcity guides the actions of resource firms and the problems that arise when governments are directly involved in commercial activity.

  • Kerr-McGee (2006):  Activist investors Carl Icahn and Barry Rosenstein acquire a stake in Oklahoma-based company Kerr-McGee and propose changes to the company. The case protagonist, Luke Corbett, CEO, opposes their involvement

Comments for Suggested Reading & Viewing:

  • Jered Wilkerson
    Jered on 22-Jan-09 2:03 PM (63 days ago) permalink

    The First Billion is the Hardest by T. Boone Pickens; granted not the most well written book, infact T. Boone's confidence cracks me up through the whole thing; worth a read....

  • Dustin on 21-Jul-08 8:15 PM permalink

    I highly suggest reading this report.

  • Stacey DeFino
    Stacey on 27-Feb-08 9:02 PM permalink

    The Age of Oil by Leonardo Maugeri The Petroleum Industry -- A Nontechnical Guide by Charles F. Conaway

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