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Juan Aguila

Senior Associate in Enterprise Strategy Consulting Last Updated: June 21, 2020 (3 months ago)
New York, New York
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I am a thoughtful, dedicated and hard working young man interested in making a tangible impact on people. Consulting has acted as an incredible stepping stone for me, giving me a foundational tool kit to solve different problems and work with unique people.

I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects across different industries, all while maintaining a high quality of work, enhancing my business acumen and solving the most difficult problems for my clients. My exposure to different levels of client stakeholders, all the way from CEO to lower level analyst, has sharpened my ability to conduct meaningful conversations no matter the audience.

My strong passion to learn has enabled me to play in distinct roles the past several years and therefore, my ability to adapt quickly has become a strength of mine. By having worn different hats throughout my career I have learned to approach problems in different ways and think outside of the box.


University of Notre Dame Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)
Aug 2013 — May 2017


Strategy&, Part of the PwC Network Senior Associate, Financial Services Consultant
Oct 2017 — Jun 2020
Led the go-to-market strategy for a PwC digital product that aims to enhance the underwriting process for small to medium businesses seeking workers compensation insurance
­ Developed the business case to seek funding from PwC Advisory US Insurance Leaders
­ Co-designed a go-to-market strategy with PwC insurance leaders and external subject matter experts
­ Developed an implementation roadmap and pricing model to be leveraged for client scenarios

Recommended optimal countries for a Bermuda based insurance provider entering international markets
­ Assessed the viability of 20 countries by developing a scoring model with macroeconomic, health, wealth & life
and retirement plan data
­ Managed a 3-person research team based in Poland which aimed to gather insights into respective countries
­ Conducted over 25 interviews with PwC insurance leaders across the world to help identify top opportunity
areas and optimal entrance strategies

Aided in the cultural transformation process of a Toronto based pension plan
­ Jointly facilitated interviews with over 100 client stakeholders in order to properly articulate current state culture
through a “cultural thumbprint”
­ Identified, trained and managed 25 client stakeholders across different management levels to serve as culture
evolution leaders
­ Designed a first of its kind KPI dashboard leveraged by the executive team in order to measure the program’s

Identified over $100M in future savings for a marketing department within a Fortune 100 multinational IT enterprise
­ Developed key frameworks to identify and size opportunities across $1B in marketing spend
Drove the analysis, sizing and implementation plan of two opportunities identified: reduction in events and
merchandizing spend
­ Ensured and managed future state run-rate savings by developing governance frameworks and documentation
with executive level client stakeholders

Assisted in the rollout of a performance improvement methodology for mid-level managers in a Fortune 100 insurance enterprise
­ Coached 6 tenured operations managers by introducing Lean-based management techniques and guided their
teams through a 3-month program
­ Achieved a 10% increase in operational effectiveness across all teams
­ Led the tracking and analysis of qualitative and quantitative program benefits and provided updates to the
Chief Underwriting Officer

Developed a proof-of-concept for an executive level marketing impact dashboard for a Fortune 100 multinational IT enterprise
­ Led the current state assessment of the client’s marketing campaign performance measurement capabilities
Developed a framework to identify priority metrics to be measured at a campaign level
­ Drove conversations with campaign managers, data scientists and marketing executives to align on a future
state roadmap

Conducted testing on a PwC digital product that creates a “digital twin” of an enterprise based on survey questions
­ Identified formula errors in the model which powered scoring results displayed to executives
Assisted in the visual design of the output dashboard to be displayed to executives


Fluent in written and spoken Spanish

Proficient in MS Office Applications

Business Case Modeling

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