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YPE Sacramento Leadership

Matt Klopfenstein

Board Member

Matt Klopfenstein is a Legislative Advocate and Legal Advisor at Cal Advisors, ...

Sarah Brady

Board Member

Sarah is the Deputy Director of the California Council on Science and ...

Laura Shybut

Board Member

Laura Shybut is the chief consultant for the Assembly Utilities and Energy ...

Kelly Brown

Board Member

Kelly is a Sacramento area native who is passionate about the region. ...

Nick Blair

Board Member

Nick is a Regulatory Advocate for the Association of California Water Agencies ...

Fritz Foo

Board Member

Fritz Foo is an advisor to Commissioner Andrew McAllister of the California Energy ...

Nathaly Teran

Board Member

Nathaly Teran is a Senior Legislative Aide to Assemblywoman Luz Rivas. She ...

Sydney Chamberlain

Board Member

Sydney Chamberlin is a Climate Policy Associate for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) ...

Heather Mendez

Board Member

Heather Mendez is a Scrum Master and Management Analyst at SMUD.

Maggie Deng

Board Member

Maggie Deng is an Energy Analyst at the California Energy Commission.

Lillian Mirviss

Board Member

Lillian Mirviss is the Government Affairs Senior Manager at the Center for ...

Annabelle Hopkins

Board Member

Annabelle Hopkins is a legislative aide for the California State Senate.

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