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Peter Castro, Board Member

Peter is currently the Program Director for Coastal Renewable Energy Technology Center. The 1st training and workforce development company in the Philippines for renewable energy. Prior to that Peter was the Head of Wind Research and Data Analysis of Coastalpower Development corporation which is one of the 1st developers in the Philippines and a founding member of the Wind Energy Developers Association of the Philippines and at the same time spearheaded Coastalpower’s educational campaign program.
Peter was also instrumental in partnering their company with world renowned companies in education, renewable energy analysing tools and the most recent is a consumer label for the wind energy sector. He also conducted several speaking engagements regarding education on renewable energy in schools. He completes his energy industry work by always taking time to talk with people not just in the renewable energy industry but also in the conventional energy, academe, government institutions, advocacy groups, banking institutions to name a few to get a bigger picture of the energy in the Philippines.
Peter a resident of the Philippines holds a B.S. Avionics Technology from Airlink International Aviation School. He is also the 1st Asian and in the Philippines to obtain education in renewable energy from Saint Francis University Renewable Energy Center in Pennsylvania.