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Welcome to the YPE NYC Chapter! We facilitate the advancement of young professionals in the NYC energy industry through a variety of events. We encourage you to join our 3000+ members, who have found value in our diverse energy network. Membership is free!

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If you’re interested in joining the YPE NYC board, or partnering with us for an event, please email us at ny@ypenergy.org.

Leo Trudel


Leo Trudel is the Innovation & Technology Director at Indigo Advisory Group, ...

Bobby Simpson

Vice President & Events Lead

Bobby Simpson is the founder and owner of Harbinger Land, a services ...

Robert Parker

Chief Financial Officer

Robert F. Parker is a Partner at Chobe Advisers, a consulting firm ...

Shruti Nayar


Shruti Nayar is an Analyst at GoldenSet Capital Partners. At GoldenSet, she ...

Mei Poon

Events Director

Mei Poon is a program manager in Emerging Tech and Pilots Program ...

Savannah Goodman

Events Director

Savannah Goodman leads the modeling & simulation team at Blueprint Power, a ...

Sheila Garcia

Marketing & Communications Lead

Sheila Garcia is a marketer with over five years of marketing and ...

Daniel Getman

Events Director

Daniel Getman is currently an Assistant Vice President at the Industrial and ...

Catarina Carvalho


Catarina Carvalho is a Manager at Arup’s New York office, where she ...

Will Graham

Marketing & Communications Director

Will Graham is an analyst at CBL Markets, which is an environmental ...

Claudia Villar-Leeman


Claudia Villar-Leeman is an Energy Policy Analyst at the NYC Mayor’s Offices ...

Jack Beiderman


Jack Beiderman is an Energy Engineer at AKF Group, a full-service consulting ...

Samuel Bordenave


Samuel Bordenave is currently a Business Development Manager at Tesla, in the ...

Marcelo Domeniconi


Marcelo Domeniconi is currently an Associate at BNP Paribas in the Power, ...

Rebecca Isacowitz


Rebecca Isacowitz is the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Energy Efficient Operations with ...

Natalia Sharova

Marketing & Communications Director

Natalia Sharova is a Community Director at Dynamo Energy Hub, where she drives Dynamo’s PR ...

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