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Jinny Park


Jiin (Jinny) Park is a U.S. National Committee Program Administrator at American ...

Leo Trudel


Leo Trudel is founder and CEO of CloudPort, a technology company that ...

Robert Parker

Chief Financial Officer

Robert F. Parker is a Partner at Chobe Advisers, a consulting firm ...

Bobby Simpson

Assistant Chief Financial Officer

Bobby Simpson is co-founder and partner of Harbinger Land, a services company ...

Shruti Nayar


Shruti Nayar is an Analyst at GoldenSet Capital Partners. At GoldenSet, she ...

Ryan Levine


Ryan Levine is an equity analyst at Citigroup. He has a strong ...

Jason Kaplan


Jason Kaplan is General Counsel and Director of Operations at ProjectEconomics, a ...

Daniel Getman


Daniel Getman is an Assistant Manager at Mazars Global Infrastructure Finance in New ...

Owen Brady


Owen Brady is a Program Manager for National Grid in their New ...

Jamil Khan


Jamil Khan is a Development Manager for Deepwater Wind, and is responsible ...

Mei Poon


Mei is a program manager in Emerging Tech and Pilots Program team ...

Sheila Garcia


Sheila Garcia is a marketer with over five years of marketing and ...

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